Goal Setting

Goal Setting

If you have big goals you are ready to crush, keep reading.

If you have given up on goal setting because you are tired of disappointment, keep reading.

Goal setting helps guide our focus, foster accountability and organize our time and life in a way that maximizes success and happiness. Worthwhile stuff!

If you have given up on goal setting, I hope this inspires you to give it another shot. Now is always the perfect time to say ‘yes’ to yourself and I am going to break down exactly how I set goals and nail them and how you can to.

It is natural to want to set goals from our logical brain. The logical brain is in charge of all things analytical – things like math and science but also things like evidence based facts, sequencing and logic. When it comes to goal setting, we often look to the logical, the evidence we can find for or against, and set goals from there. This is a great place to start but it is only a part of the picture. A small part. Here’s why….

When we set goals based only on the evidence we can find to support our desires, we stifle our dreams and play small. We don’t mean to but as adults, we often have a hard time believing in the unknown. As adults, we want the sure thing. We have a hard time getting out of our heads and into our hearts in order to remember our desires. If you can think back to your childhood, to a time when you believed in Santa and the Tooth Fairy and Leprechauns and channel that energy when you goal set, it makes the head-to-heart shift that much easier.

You may have heard of SMART goals – Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant and Time Bound. SMART goals are great because they help us get specific, precise and time orient our goals. The problem with SMART goals is they check all the analytic boxes but none of the energetic ones.

If you have been a part of my world for a while, you know I believe wholeheartedly that life is full of energetic exchanges. We trade energy in exchange for all kinds of things: money, tangible objects, food and we use energy to guide us towards our desires helping us lived fulfilled, happy lives.

When it comes to setting goals, we must first lead with desire and energy. THEN we can take those desires and apply them to the SMART model. But what if our goals seem too big to specify, measure and put to a time frame? That means you have done a great job of dreaming big and you are ready to activate your next level goals!

I personally do not use the SMART method of goal setting, but if you like it and it works for you, then use it! What I prefer is what I refer to as the PPP method. Each month, I set three goals:

– a predictable goal

– a possible goal

– a potential goal

A predictable goal is one I know I can hit.

This goal is set based on my history and the evidence available at the time.

A possible goal is one I would really love to achieve, but it would be a stretch.

This goal is set without evidence of the sure thing, but fueled with desire and with a commitment to growth- I think I can do it.

A potential goal is one that would be absolutely amazing to achieve, but makes absolutely no sense. We don’t have evidence, we don’t even have any idea what it may look like, but boy, wouldn’t it be incredible?!

When we set PPP goals we get to be both realistic and big dreamers. We get to plan for the known and expand into the unknown. Reassessing and re-evaluating monthly helps us to track our progress and change course as needed. It sets us up to WIN!

Now I happen to be a bit left brained myself so I do love to track the numbers and of course, from here we can be as detailed as we would like about our goals and how we plan to achieve them. There is a required level of action in all things, but do be mindful not to fall into hustle mode being sure to remember that things meant for us come easily with alignment, not time.

It is easy to believe that we won’t be able to because we haven’t been able to but that mentality is only going to get us more of the same, which is nothing we want. We can surely find evidence of any belief if we look hard enough for it so instead of doubling down on doubt let’s tap into the goals that feel amazing to achieve and run with them!

What goals are you setting in your life and business this month? Feel free to comment below or reply and email me!

If you need some extra support, jump into my newest program, Aligned by Design where we will be deep diving into our goals and more. We start this evening and I am so excited to walk with the 7 amazing women already signed up!

Progress Not Perfection

Progress Not Perfection

If you’re reading this, I hope your Thanksgiving weekend was amazing and you are fully immersed in the holiday rush. I wish you the stamina to power through and more abundance than you’ve ever known! With Thanksgiving in the rear view, we are officially fully immersed in the holiday season and if you have own a business, chances are this is a busy time of year for you. Despite the busy season, it is important to take some time to plan for your business in 2021.

Casting the vision for growth and expansion is so much fun!

Finding time to map it all out – tougher than it sounds…

That is why during this busy season it is important to remember that progress, not perfection is the key to success. As a matter of fact, expectations of perfection have no place in business at all. The best success I have ever created has come from aligned, messy action. Waiting around for things to be ‘perfect’ is a great way to (subconsciously) take yourself out of the game before you even start.

If you can’t quite look to 2021 yet because your business is not where you hoped it would be, it’s not too late to generate record breaking sales for December. Create it, take messy action, launch! Then look to your sales, desires and dreams and plan what you’d like your business to look like for the next 12 months.

If you have been killing it in business, congrats! Abundance is a powerful space to power the shift into your 2021 vision and business plan. Build on what you have built and keep your momentum rolling!

I am so incredibly excited for the shifts, expansion, and limitless possibilities 2021 brings. My commitment to being the best leader, example and support for my tribe has deepened and I am ready to lock arms and run! If you’re with me, be sure you are inside my Facebook community, Get It Together, Girl – it’s where I release my newest offers first and host free trainings!

Focusing on movement, on progress this season makes reaching your goals an enjoyable experience, even when we are stretching ourselves to new levels. Taking steps toward progress each day establishes evidence that we can reflect back on, helping to reinforce the belief that you.can.do.it! Remember, whether you say you can or your say you can’t, you’re right!

So go be right about having all the shit you really want! Trying to be perfect keeps us small, because perfection needs predictability – it craves the sure thing! It also robs us of the celebrations we earn with each step (or misstep) of our journey.

Have Your Best Year Yet

Have Your Best Year Yet

2020 has been an interesting year full of lessons, memories and change. Lots of change. I think we are all ready to kiss 2020 goodbye.

A new year feels magical. 365 new chances. A fresh start. Renewed goals and dreams. New hope for our future.

New Year’s Resolutions give us, even for just a moment, the feeling that anything is possible. So each year, we create new resolutions. They stick for a while, then the magic fades. We begin to recognize our old patterns and soon we are just as disappointed with our current reality as we were with the one before. We get frustrated, feel defeated and begin to believe things will never change.

The truth is, when nothing changes, nothing changes.

As we say hello to a new year, we also say hello to new vision and focus for our future. New commitments to ourselves. Something happens when we give our word and keep it. I was really good at keeping my word to others but once I began keeping my word to myself, things shifted.

If you make one commitment to yourself for 2021, let it be to keep your word. Be intentional about the things you agree to and refuse. Decide based on what fuels your desires and brings you joy.

This new year, I wish you the opportunities to practice the discipline necessary to honor yourself and your decisions. May you trust yourself enough to know that it will work out in your favor once you’ve decided. When your word becomes your unbreakable contract, you unlock your potential to achieve anything you set your mind to. Anything you decide to do. That is power. That breeds confidence.

I am hosting a 5 week intensive program called Rock Your Resolutions at Integrity U, a hands on, intimate experience where we will take goal smashing to another dimension and practice flexing our discipline muscles. Click the link or head over to the Coaching Services tab to learn more.

I would love to hear your resolutions. Drop them in the comments to keep ourselves accountable.

My 2021 goals are to drink half my body weight in water each day; move and stretch daily; read one book a month; further my influence and impact 100 lives; do something to further my goals each day; remember I am POWERFUL beyond measure; have a six figure year.

What a year it’s going to be!

Celebrating 1000 Likes!

Celebrating 1000 Likes!

Today I am celebrating over 1000 likes and follows on my Facebook business page, Dragonfly Designs and you’re invited to the party! Facebook business pages get notoriously low visibility in the Facebook algorithm, they are actually meant for selling so Facebook wants us to use them to boost posts and run ads and set up a ‘Shop’. Shops are a nice feature because FB agrees to facilitate payments (and take a fee) but… then your page is no longer free to run. Since I don’t use ads to build my business, I am pretty proud of this accomplishment! I had some help from some wonderful friends and to anchor in this moment, I’m sharing a few things I’ve learned along the way and I am hosting a giveaway! You can enter here!

Through research and a ton of trial and error, I have learned how to crack the Facebook social media code and use it as a free platform to grow and scale my business. It is also worth mentioning that while my Facebook business page just cracked 1000 likes, the income my business generates is rivaling my old paralegal salary, which means you don’t need a huge following or audience to make money in your business. Ok, here’s what I’ve learned:

FB Biz Page Top Tip #1:

Consistency Counts

Posting content to my page consistently helped me gain traction with the algorithm. The more I post, the more people can interact, the more FB shows my content to my likers and followers. Daily is ideal, but anything consistent that you commit to is good.

FB Biz Page Top Tip #2:

You don’t always need to post your current projects

There are no rules that say you have to share your current projects. Share a mixture of content including finished products, work in progress stories, behind the scenes shots and throw backs!

FB Biz Page Top Tip #3:

Be clear about how people can buy

Ever stumble across a page, like what you see, but you can’t find a site, link or any prices? Annoying! Not to mention you will lose a shy shopper every time. Be sure your page has clear instructions on how to place an order with you. Whether you take orders through your inbox and invoice through Paypal or Square, or you direct people to an Etsy or your stand alone site, you want it to be very clear how someone can shop with you. Do they comment on posts? Message you to order? Complete a Google doc form? Whatever your system is, clearly communicate it to your buyers so shopping is easy.

FB Biz Page Top Tip #4:

Link Your Socials

Be sure your network knows what you do by connecting your FB business page to your personal FB page. If you are on Instagram, link your pages so when you share on IG, you can also share to FB with the click of a button.

FB Biz Page Top Tip #5:


Showing people the person behind the business can be pivotal in gaining support and connecting with your customer base. Branding your business identity and giving it a face helps bring it to life and establishes credibility and familiarity. There are many sellers, what makes your buyers buy from you? Whether you host a live inventory sale or go live and showcase what you are working on, live video broadcasts are a powerful way to network and grow your audience.

If you’re a visual person or want to save this as a daily action plan, feel free to use this graphic I created for easy reference.

I have used these tactics to get interaction and sales through my Facebook business page. I have never focused on the numbers and they are not a true measure of our success, but they are certainly fun to celebrate! Next stop – 2000 likes!

If you are growing your Facebook business page, I would love to hear what tips you can integrate into your strategy to grow your audience and make more sales. Feel free to share them in the comments below. Oh, and don’t forget to enter the contest!

*This post contains affiliate links where I may earn a small commission from referrals and sales. I only share offers with my readers for products I love and I will never recommend a product to you that I would not personally use and endorse.


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