The #1 Question That Can Change Your Life

The #1 Question That Can Change Your Life

Lots of people want to change their life but aren’t willing to put in the action required to make the shift. Okay, that was harsh. No one says that, right? We WANT to shift – to be more organized; to reach a goal weight; to eat healthier; to have a better relationship; to do more for ourselves; to travel more; to have more money; to pay off debt; but often somewhere between our desire and the action required to get us there something happens. We lose steam. We lack motivation. We don’t see results quick enough so we stop trying. Sometimes, we don’t try at all.

The thing about not moving toward our desires is this: no action = no change

I believe that with consistency, persistence and time, anyone can be successful and more specifically, wealthy beyond their wildest dreams while doing what they love. So why is it that only 2% of the population achieve this higher level success?

Are the 2% special? Definitely. Though not in the way you’d think.

Think to yourself, what holds you back from doing the things you desire?

Why does the list of places to visit or things to do remain intact and untackled?

We worry about how things will turn out…

We don’t know how…

We don’t know how we will pay the bills while we…

We don’t believe we are good enough, smart enough, have enough capital, know the right people…

For most of us it boils down to fear. Fear of the unknown. Fear of what could happen. Fear of being uncomfortable. Fear of failure. Fear of success.

Often times fear of the unknown keeps us playing small and playing safe. We stick to what we know, sometimes even trying to invoke change from our safe space, taking baby steps, but when we continue to embody the old versions of ourselves, our new desired changes just don’t ‘stick’.

One of the up-sides of growing up is that no one can tell us what to do and so we get to choose whether or not we will walk in fear or stay safe and comfortable. Guess which one the 2% chooses over and over again?

The old version of me will never get to me to my next level me.

Here’s the shift: when we are faced with new things, uncomfortable situations, ideas and dreams that scare us to death, we must as ourselves this one question-

‘What if this works?’

This question has the power to unlock your magic, shift your mindset and sky rocket your determination for success!

Unfortunately, often the question that first enters our minds is “What if I fail?”

The energy between the two is worlds apart.

‘What if this works?’ is a question asked in enthusiasm, belief, desire and trust for all the amazing things the universe has in store for us.

What if I fail? is rooted in scarcity, lack of belief, short sightedness and control.

What in this world are we really in control of?!

We shape our future but we rarely control it.

If instead of staying comfortable and trying to control every outcome we just embodied the results we desire and took inspired action that felt good, trusting things would work out for our greatest good, more things would work out for your highest good.

If we move from a place of enthusiasm, hope, belief and trust, we unlock opportunities, create moments and fall into circumstances that inch us closer to our goals.

So how do we do it?

The next time you find yourself faced with a predicament, a decision, an idea that shakes your core, as yourself..

‘What if this works?’

…and then go chase your dreams!