Hey gorgeous! It’s been a while but I didn’t want the year to go by without expressing my happiest wishes for you in 2023 and sharing some of my thoughts on 2022 and how I intend to close it out powerfully. And I’m a few days late, but that’s because I have taken my time these past days, to reflect and be, without rushing into doing just yet. 

2022 was not at all the year I expected.  Along with fun, joy and new experiences, it brought tons of devastation and loss in my personal life and I felt those dualities deeply.  I’ve contemplated love and grief and cultivated a stronger version of me than I’ve ever known.

Life is funny that way. Full of joy and sorrow and we find ourselves somewhere in between, often struggling to navigate our way through and the one thing I am most proud of in 2022 is the way I held and carried myself through it.

Here’s how:

  • I learned how to extract the lessons in my experiences, good and bad.
  • I don’t make things that don’t go my way mean anything about me.
  • I catch myself in thoughts that don’t serve or support me and I think better thoughts as often as possible.
  • I surround myself with support to lift me up, break my pattens and reveal my blind spots.
  • I celebrate each triumph and lesson
  • I live to be my best me

I deepened my relationship with myself, I got clear on what I wanted and I developed a deeper sense of self trust than I’ve ever known.

All I wanted to do was grow my business – and I did (also in unexpected ways, a story for another time) but I got so much more than that in 2022.

Moving into 2023, here’s what I’d love for you to know:

Your ‘word’ of the year; your resolutions; your vision board all mean nothing unless you have a plan for implementation and mindset support. Without a plan for something different, we can expect more of the same.

So lets create a plan! I’ve got some incredible resources inside my Facebook community, Get It Together, Girl (specifically the 12 Days of Bizmas and Birthday Bash celebrations) and I’ve just launched some new offers for deeper level support and mentorship so you have all the support you need to create the best 2023 you can imagine.

I’m here for you, babe, in all the ways.  Use me!

Wishing you a very happy New Year,