Standing out online an be hard. Standing out online if you are selling can be even harder.

This past week I found myself struggling to show up online for my business.

What’s my deal? What’s with the funky energy?

I had a choice. I could beat myself up over not ‘feeling it’, or I could give myself grace and dig deep to see what’s going on. This process looks different for everyone but it is worth exploring. It may include deep thought reflection, journaling, meditation, talking out your feelings with a trusted friend, etc. Whatever you do, don’t let the weird energy linger. Though my own process, I realized I hadn’t been making time for personal development. Personal development is a world I immersed myself into several years ago and I find it extremely helpful in managing my mindset and motivating me for success. I used to listen to podcasts regularly, putting them on in the background while i was working throughout the day, but my routine changed when my husband began working from home in March. He has since returned to the office but I have not integrated podcasts back into my routine. This slight change was making a big impact because it took away the time I invested into filling my own cup with positive vibes, love, insight, coaching and fun.

The fix in this case was easy. I just needed to make time for personal development to help me get out of my head and into my heart. I needed to get back to being me. I had been guilty of comparisonitis, you know, when we fall into the trap of comparing ourselves to everyone in our online circles. See, without personal development, my ego takes the wheel and all the yucky feelings creep in. I start looking around instead of forward. I start worrying about what others are doing and stop focusing on myself and what I want. When we feel yucky, we often don’t feel inspired to share, or we share with a cloudy message. This can be a problem in our business. We think the problem is that we don’t know what to post, but really the problem is we don’t know what we want to say. When this happens, it is a clear sign to me that I am out of alignment.

It is important to recognize your pattern before you spiral. I know for me, if left to my own devices my mind wanders down the path of destruction. My message gets mixed up, my attitude shifts my energy and my audience feels that. Women especially are the queens of compound emotions. We feel bad and then we get mad that we feel bad which makes us sad and then we start to feel crazy for feeling all these feelings and none of them feel good which makes us feel even worse. Sound familiar?

As soon as it starts feeling hard to share about yourself or your business, ask yourself what’s going on? Are you disconnected from your message? Are you sharing from a place of inspiration or the vibe that you need to put out content today? Are you feeling overwhelmed in some areas of your life? Are you taking care of you?

Standing out online is all about showing up powerfully as your authentic self and crafting your message so you are speaking to your ideal buyers. If we are struggling with confidence or messaging this is going to be difficult. People who try to fake it come off… well fake. Being you gives your people an opportunity to get to know you and connect with you and connection leads to influence, growth and sales. Getting back to feeling great as yourself is step one. Engage, engage, engage in posts, groups and messages to be sure you are creating new conversations and leads. Identifying pain points or aspects of convenience in your products or services helps tap into your buyers emotional spectrum which helps them connect to you. Providing value lends a new level of legitimacy to you and your business and gives people a taste of what it is like to be in your energy and shop with you.

Need some more ideas? Here are 5 ways you can show up powerfully online each day:

I would love for you to share the ways you fill your cup, your favorite podcasts or any other thoughts you have around the topics discussed here. Feel free to drop them in the comments.