#1 – Grow yourself Frankly whether you are in business or not, growing yourself should be at the top of your to do list. Growing ourselves is a broad term but it involves working to know yourself better and more deeply, it is recognizing and acknowledging the patterns we all have that keep us playing small, safe, stuck and in our heads instead of in our hearts.

#2 – Refine your message Whether you are selling handmade goods or high end jewelry, you’ve got to know your customer base and craft your messaging to speak directly to those customers. Refining your messaging and marketing to attract your ideal buyers and close the sale will help your engaged audience grow and allow you to deepen the conversation quickly.

#3 – Be willing to invest If you are not investing in yourself and your business growth you are basically telling the universe- I’m good where I’m at. So if you’re not good where you’re at, it’s time to invest in that new equipment, those bulk supplies, that course or coach you’ve dreamed of working with because stretching yourself to learn, do and be accountable will undoubtedly lead to business growth. Work harder, not smarter.

#4 – Do the things you’ve been putting off At the risk of sounding like mama bear, you have got to do the things you say you are going to do. So, if you’ve got a list of things you’ve been putting off, create the time to get them done. Cleaning up the mental clutter has its benefits, being a woman of your word is priceless. #5 – Prepare & Trust Plan for your products, your offers, your programs with excitement and then trust that they will sell. Sounds easy, and it does take some practice but if we’ve created the offer in the most amazing energy, knowing it is high quality and beneficial, then all we must do is trust the right buyer will come along and fall in love. Does that mean we shouldn’t share our offer? Of course not! To strategize, market and map out sales and profits are all part of the plan. But once the plan has been rolled out, there’s nothing to do but wait for to close the sale. Trust the timing of our buyers money blueprint and desires. How we do one thing is how we do everything- life, love, parenting, marriage, business, so the willingness to look at all of these areas and the commitment to improve them means your life and business have the opportunity to be everything you’ve ever dreamed!

It is not easy work, but it is worth it work!

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